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The Asset Growth People

XIN WEALTH serves as catalyst and custodian of your wealth, helping to grow your assets according to your changing needs and evolving lifestyle. And safeguard the value of your assets through periodic review and appropriate reinvestment.

Who We Are

As our name suggests, we help to grow the assets of our wealth customers.

But we do a lot more. Guide with extensive educational resources (short, easy-to-follow videos) and partner networks. We guard their wealth through periodic review and reinvestment decisions suited to their life stage and financial goals.

We are both catalysts and custodians of your wealth.

Customers come to us because of our expertise and experience in sensing and responding early to market changes and challenges. We are able to securely build their wealth portfolio while considering market volatilities.

Customers also value the access we provide to legal, accounting, taxation, insurance, and allied services that help to optimise their investments beyond headline returns.

Naturally, we are trusted as Life-long Catalysts of your asset growth.

Our Difference

We redefine financial freedom with our highly effective 'BIG' system, crafted by our experienced advisers. Tailoring plans to each client, we accelerate wealth creation and enhance protection. Our expertise in taxation, superannuation, investment, and insurance provides the essential elements for your financial triumph.



Begin your path to financial freedom with our experienced adviser. Understand and manage your spending with advanced mobile technology. We're committed to nurturing your money-saving habits and optimizing your spending strategies. Let our experienced adviser guide you in crafting a financially savvy lifestyle, tailored to your unique needs.s


Transform your investment dreams into reality with our experienced adviser. Our team crafts bespoke investment strategies, guiding you through a diverse range of options from stocks to bonds, and precious metals like gold and silver. Experience personalised guidance and continuous support as we build and refine your investment portfolio to align with your goals.


Safeguarding your financial achievements and hard-earned success is pivotal with our experienced adviser. We meticulously assess your unique financial risks and shield you with tailor-made insurance solutions. Our commitment is to ensure your wealth is protected, allowing you to focus on future growth with peace of mind.

Our Service

Our Process

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