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The Home Loan People

XIN MORTGAGE guides home owners and investors in choosing the right home loan enabling them to become debt free and equity rich more quickly. Whether you are taking out a new loan or refinancing, we are there as caretakers.


Industry Awards

We call ourselves The Home Loan People because our customers find us not only knowledgeable and thorough, but also friendly, caring, and patient. People who have your best interests at heart and in mind.

For first-time borrowers, we explain things simply and clearly and enable them to make the right home loan choice.

With more experienced borrowers or those refinancing, our approach is to achieve their stated financial goals whether it is paying off their loan quickly or sourcing additional funds for investment / other purposes.

When it comes to home investors, our role is to carefully plan their borrowing strategy to optimally build their property portfolio.

Thus, living up to our reputation as Caretakers for the life of your home loan.





Solutions For Life


First Home Buyer

With all the numerous loan options available, the process can feel overwhelming and challenging at times, particularly for first time buyers. That's where we step in. We perform all the hard work to pinpoint the best deal for your current and future needs. All the daunting paperwork and meetings with the lenders are handled by us on your behalf, so you can feel secure about your loan.


Property Investor

In order to expand your property portfolio, you need a loan that operates with a long-term strategy, keeping in mind sustainability and flexibility to withstand circumstantial changes throughout the following years. Whether it is interest only or principal and interest, we will find the perfect loan to help optimize return on your investment to give you peace of mind.


Debt Consolidation

Credit card debt, personal loans, car loans, ATO debt - these can all add up and you may find yourself faced with extremely high interest rates. By consolidating all of your debts under one home loan product, you will enjoy far more affordable rates with the ease of managing just one regular repayment. With access to hundreds of loan options, we can find the perfect loan to help you turn multiple debts into one manageable low-rate mortgage.



The home loan market is highly competitive and can be intimidating without the right expert advice. Excellent deals can often be found, and we can help you pick the best one. Our services can assess your existing loan to determine whether a change in product could save you money to help pay off your debt faster. We take into account any exit fees and new entry fees that you may incur in order to determine which new loan is your most financially lucrative choice in the long term.


Self Managed Super Fund

The use of SMSF to purchase property is becoming increasingly popular. If you are keen to leverage your super and turn your savings into brick and mortar, it will be under very strict borrowing conditions. As we understand the intricacies of these highly specialized SMSF loans, we can find the best one to suit your unique circumstances.


More Than Just Home Loan


Car Loan

  • Let us help you find a car loan that offers flexibility, a low competitive rate, and is easy to get approval.


  • Our in-depth industry experience will find a great finance option to help you secure your commercial property.


  • SMSF lending can be complicated. We're here to simplify the process and find you the best lending solution.

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