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The Custom Loan

XIN FINANCIAL guides borrowers with unique needs. As curator of a wide range of loan options, we offer solutions to those seeking to borrow against their SMSF, to Non-Residents, and to anyone unable to provide sufficient documentation.

Who We Are

Our name says it all.  We are a niche lending service taking care of the unique needs of customers with a wider choice of borrowing options.

Our customers are typically people who want to borrow against their Self-Managed Super Funds, Non-Resident home buyers, people with insufficient loan documentation, or those seeking to obtain bridging finance.

We are able to meet their special needs better because of our ready access to both non-banking and traditional lenders allowing us many more targeted and flexible lending options.

Customers value the empathy we show to their unique circumstances and our willingness to try every possible avenue to meet their critical needs. Thus, in a short time, we have come to be known as Curator of all your custom loan needs.

Specialised Products


Take control of your investment strategy with our SMSF loans, which enable you to purchase investment properties through your self-managed super fund.

Expats and

Our loan options are ideal for Australians and non-residents with overseas income sources who are seeking flexible home loan options.


Our streamlined or simplified refinancing process requires less documentation and offers faster approval times for your convenience.

Low Doc

Our low doc home loan is designed for self-employed individuals and small business owners who may have difficulty providing traditional income documentation.

Our Client Stories

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