Property Buying Cost Calculator

Here at Xin Mortgage, we understand that buying a dream property is an important step in your life. Purchasing a property is not just any purchase; it is an investment that has a long term effect. Many legal regulations and costs are associated with buying a property. Hence, it is essential to make a smart decision when purchasing a property.

To calculate the estimated property buying costs and an indication of the payments you may have to pay, the Property Buying Cost Calculator is the perfect tool. As its name suggests, this calculator gives you an idea about the costs involved in buying a property.

Our calculator considers various costs that you might incur while buying a property. This calculator includes costs like government charges, lender fees and various other expenses.

How to use the Property Buying Cost Calculator?

If you are planning to buy a property, we highly recommend that you use our calculator to get an idea about the costs involved. Using the Property Buying Cost Calculator is easy. You just need to enter the estimated costs mentioned by the calculator.

Once you have entered all the details, the calculator will display the Estimated Total Property Buying Cost.

What costs are included in the Property Buying Cost Calculator?

Our calculator includes the Government charges, Lender fees and various other costs associated with buying a property.

Government Charges: Government Charges includes the various legal charges like stamp duty, mortgage registration fee and transfer fee.

Lender Fees: Lender Fees are the charges that you have to pay to the lender like loan application fees, legal fees and insurance for the lender.

Other Buying Costs: Other Buying Costs are a variety of costs that a property buyer has to pay like insurance, inspection, land tax etc.

Purchasing a property involves a lot of fees and charges that you have to pay to the government , lender fees and other costs like insurance, inspection, moving expenses as well as various expenses.This calculator is the perfect tool to help you figure out the estimated property buying costs.

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