XIN. The Fintouch People.

Guiding, Growing, and Guarding Your Finances

XIN is a trusted financial services provider offering tailored mortgage, wealth, and custom loan solutions to customers seeking financial freedom.


Services We Provide



  • XIN MORTGAGE guides homeowners and investors in choosing the right home loan enabling them to become debt free and equity rich more quickly. Whether you are taking out a new loan or refinancing, we are there as caretakers.


  • XIN WEALTH serves as catalyst and custodian of your wealth, helping to grow your assets according to your changing needs and evolving lifestyle. And safeguard the value of your assets through periodic review and appropriate reinvestment.


  • XIN FINANCIAL guides borrowers with unique needs. As curator of a wide range of loan options, we offer solutions to those seeking to borrow against their Self-Managed Super Funds, to Non-Residents, and to anyone unable to provide sufficient documentation.

Who We Are

We call ourselves ‘The Fintouch people’ for a reason. Because it is our people who make the real difference in this business. They are our most visible and vital brand touchpoint. People who touch our customers in ways no other financial services provider does. “Guiding, Growing, and Guarding Your Finances” is therefore not a mere message. It is our mission.

Our customers think of us as a knowledgeable and experienced Guide who advises them on the best borrowing options.

They also think of us as a seasoned and expert Growth driver of their wealth.

Customers also regard us a wise and trusted Guardian of their assets, and their unique financial needs

Why Choose Us

At XIN, customers come first. Our recommendations are always based on borrower and investor needs, not our service fees or staff earnings.

At XIN, values such as integrity, diligence, and transparency underpin our work ethic. Not just our business goals and performance metrics.

At XIN, compliance is never a matter of choice. We strive to obey the law and adhere to all necessary rules and regulations. Expediency and convenience are not the considerations.

It is these key principles that govern our way of working and earn us lifelong loyalty from our customers. No wonder, we have consistently earned a 5/5 rating on Google reviews.


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